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Proceeds from the Lumberjack Scramble
are donated to the Bemidji Lumberjack Foundation and benefit Bemidji High School and Middle School activities. The tournament started in 1995 and raised more than $64,592 in 2023 and more than $972,288 since its inception.
List of "Where the $$$'s Go"
2015 Photo Gallery
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10A Dorr10A Dorr 10A Gregg10A Gregg 10B Crist10B Crist 11A Israelson11A Israelson 11A Liapis11A Liapis 11B Christenson11B Christenson 11B Howe11B Howe 12A Lindseth12A Lindseth 12A Tysver12A Tysver 12B Fore12B Fore 13A Chambers13A Chambers 13A Rosendahl13A Rosendahl 13B Hempel13B Hempel 13B Knudson13B Knudson 14A Gangelhoff14A Gangelhoff 14A Meyers14A Meyers 14B Dondelinger14B Dondelinger 14B Hildenbrand14B Hildenbrand 15A Drahos15A Drahos 15A Jackson15A Jackson 16A Baer Kovar16A Baer Kovar 16A Schoonover16A Schoonover 16B Arel16B Arel 16B Paine16B Paine 17A Baer Paine17A Baer Paine 17A Bissonette17A Bissonette 17B Baer17B Baer 18A Fogelson18A Fogelson 18B Turn18B Turn 1A Anderson1A Anderson 1A Teichert1A Teichert 1B Baer1B Baer 1B Brandt1B Brandt 2A Grand2A Grand 2A Wangberg2A Wangberg 2B Meacham2B Meacham 2B Pemberton2B Pemberton 3A Ronkowski3A Ronkowski 3A Stennes3A Stennes 3B Phillips3B Phillips 4A Everhart4A Everhart 4A Kehoe4A Kehoe 4B Carter4B Carter 4B Curran4B Curran 5A Kringen5A Kringen 5A Ricke5A Ricke 5B Frosaker5B Frosaker 6A Baird6A Baird 6A Fogelson6A Fogelson 6B Kinnen6B Kinnen 6B Mack6B Mack 7A Patnode7A Patnode 7A Syverson7A Syverson 7B Johnson7B Johnson 7B Vesey7B Vesey 8A Metso8A Metso 8A Pemberton8A Pemberton 9A Boen9A Boen 9A Grand9A Grand 9B Taylor9B Taylor